Journey to the Soul

7 day challenge


This challenge is created with the intention help you reconnect to yourself, to shatter any barriers that have been holding you back from your past so you can start to move forward down the path you are meant to take and that you deserve.

We are only given one life in this body, and it's up to us to determine how we want to spend our time here. This challenge will plant the seed of the life you can give yourself just by simply changing you perspective and shifting you energy.


Journey To The Soul is a 7 day challenge and one time payment of $49. Breaking it down, the challenge is $7 a day for 7 days. I like to think of it as instead of buying your average daily cup of coffee for seven days, you're making an investment on your self and your personal growth. 

You can pay below via PayPal or Venmo

When does the challenge begin? :

Sunday, May 19th - Saturday May 25th 

Whats Included:

- Daily journal prompts for self development, discovery,     

  self love & forgiveness

- Live daily yoga classes that will take you to your edge

- Live meditations & Yoga Nidra 

- Installing daily rituals. Rituals that have personally     

   helped me grow  & transform through my own journey

- Live Q & A with me 

- A supportive & like minded community  

Commitment :

What you put into this challenge is exactly what you will get out of it. The more time you commit to yourself & your growth these 7 days, the more you'll start to understand about yourself and your path in this life.

- Classes are 45 minutes 

- Journaling commitment can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours (just depending how long you want to write for, this part is up to you). 


1.  Send Payment of $49 through PayPal or Venmo 

     - Click here to pay via PayPay:  Pay via PAYPAL

     - To pay via Vemno, please find me on Venmo at:                    Alexzandra Peters (no direct link provided).

IMPORTANT: In the comment section of your payment, please put your Instagram handle. 

- This is how I confirm that you've paid and can welcome you into the private group!

2.   Send a friend request on Instagram to: @PetersAlexzandraaa

       this is where the private challenge will be taking place.

How to Sign Up: