Join us and get inspired to take charge of your health

by attending our Women's Wellness Morning

When: Saturday, August 24th

What time: 9:30-11:30am

Where: Cattail Marsh

4233 Babe Zaharias Drive
Beaumont, TX 77705



Hosted by Sade Chick and myself. This is a morning for woman anywhere near the Beaumount, TX area that need are in need of a morning to themselves, a mini getaway to focus on their body, health, wellness, create new connections and a little girls time!


The morning lineup features a yoga class/handstand workshop for beginners and intermediate students that will will empower your mind, body and spirit and allow you to have a lot of fun with the woman that surround you! After the class we will move into the Essential Oils class where we will be teaching you how to take care of your body, your kiddos and family members organically, how to cut harmful chemicals from house hold cleaning products, medicine, skin care, body care and so much more, followed by a few fun crafts & a little surprise celebration at the end to honor YOU and the beautiful human that you are :)


We fully encourage you to sign up as soon as possible because space is limited!

About the Handstand Workshop:

No prior experiencing In arm balancing? No problem! This workshop will help you build confidence on and off the mat. So whether you’re thinking about that day you stand on your hands or if you’re exploring a headstand at the wall or looking to move to the middle of the room come with no fear, no judgement or expectations and lets have FUN!

This 1 hour workshop will start with a mindful meditation, then we will ease into a delicious Vinyasa practice to warm up the body and aimed at strengthening the arms and core but also focus the mind. After a brief warm up to get the body in motion and warmed up you will be guided into a safe and comfortable inversion/s with some theory and discussion to relax and completely let go. Most of all, this class with be about trusting yourself, gaining self-confidence and listening to your body and of course.. having fun :)

Join Us!