Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival 2019

             A festival of seminars and workshops throughout the day and evening, half of which are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and half of which are Yoga. Classes are presented by teachers from around the world putting forward their own concepts, techniques and philosophies about their own practice/discipline in the many on-site event rooms and outdoor places by the warm crystal clear Mediterranean sea. Although ticket holders need to select either a BJJ Heavy or Yoga Heavy ticket, they will be allowed to attend nearly any seminar they wish. We encourage exploring the unfamiliar. Ticket holders are completely free to plan their festival experience how they want. They can attend every seminar every hour or one or two then go and explore the historic city of Palma, free water dive with our on-site instructor, paddle to a nearby café on a SUP, sit in the sun and listen to the pool side DJ with a beverage or hang out in the many quiet private areas on a lounger and just take a nap.

Where is this festival happening? The festival takes place at the Gran Melia De Mar hotel in Palma de Mallorca Spain. 

When is the festival? -  Monday the 14th of Oct 2019. The festival will run for 5 days checking out the 19th of Oct.

What kind of tickets are there ? There will be essentially 2 types of tickets with 3 subcategories based on room occupancy.

  • Yoga Heavy ticket - Single, double/twin or triple - Mix of tickets no problem.

  • BJJ Heavy ticket - Single, double/twin, or triple. - Mix of tickets no problem.

  • Every ticket holder has to pick one of these types of tickets. Don’t worry you can still cross practice in nearly every seminar. If you have a partner that wants to come that doesn’t want to do either, then that is fine too just let us know but they still pay the same price and still get to access the hotel in full inclusive of dinners, fiestas etc. Rooms can be mixed ticket holders. So for a double room one guest can be a BJJ heavy and the other a Yoga heavy.

  • Each ticket holder is paying for the full 5 days festival it cannot be shorted for a cost adjustment.


What does a ticket include? 1 ticket is for 1 person. So a single room comes with 1 ticket, double with 2 and so on. 1 ticket to the festival includes

  • 5 nights room - Single, Double or Triple Occupancy (only 7 triple rooms available - Suites are first come first serve) No Quads

  • Breakfast - Restaurant quality with vegan and vegetarian options. If you like omelettes, a chef will cook yours in front of you, just how you like it!

  • All seminars from 7am to 10pm, with a few possible exceptions. For example, there may be limited space for certain high profile teachers in a BJJ seminar and we’ll reserve those spaces for those with BJJ heavy tickets. Yoga heavies can still attend to watch and listen but need to stay off the mats. (No worries Yoga heavies you’ll have nearly a dozen other BJJ classes each day you can attend that are better suited for first timers.) This may also apply in the reverse order with high profile yoga/mediation instructors.

  • Opening night Paella dinner fiesta. (Seafood and Vegan) - includes local wine, sangria, beer, lemonade, bottled water and coffee. Also a variety of Spanish tapas.

  • Closing night dinner fiesta with local seafood and vegetable BBQ, Spanish tapas, (plenty of Vegan options), includes local wine, sangria, beer, lemonade, aqua con gas and coffee.

  • Many of the activities like paddle boarding, snorkeling, free water diving, information about tours or how to get around the island.

  • Full and free access to the hotels Gym suite, Hot tub, Steam bath and Sauna.

  • Open access to all evening entertainments from our special guest DJs each night by the pool and access to all parts of the hotel including any lounges, theaters, restaurants, pools, private beach, spa etc. This event is booked as a “run of the house” event by Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival. The property is yours!

Ticket cost:

  • Single room - €1915

  • Double or Twin bed room - €2660 (€1330 per person)

  • Triple room (Royal Suites) - same cost with double occupancy - €3830 (€1279 per person), note these rooms are double the size of a normal room with plenty of extra features


Doesn’t include:

  • Flights, taxi transfers (12min from airport, €15) - (see flight number facebook posts to arrange ride share). We will be reserving discounted BA flights in advance from hubs like London, Manchester, Oslo, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, LAX, JFK, Singapore, Sydney and a few others so please email our in house travel agent to get your name held with no commitment.

  • The middle 3 nights dinner, and lunch on any of the days. You can either purchase meals at the lovely onsite restaurant or perhaps venture to central Palma (10min taxi) for some street tapas! Or, just walk down the street to the many street cafes all within 5 min walk in Sant Augustin (edge of Palma) .

  • Scuba activities, car rental (nearly onsite) , bike rental, or sailing.

Who can attend? -

  • This festival is an adult only event. All guests must be 18 years or older although teenagers age 15-17 are permitted if a parent or legal guardian is present. This is designed for older teens that into BJJ or Yoga or want to get involved.

  • You can be part of any BJJ/Yoga affiliation, practice, school, or discipline it doesn’t matter, all are welcome. Don’t worry if you never practiced Yoga or BJJ before! There will be introductory classes in both and this would be the perfect immersion into a new art form.

 Monthly Payments are available. 


Enter promo code in booking system and you will receive 10% off the festival price PLUS  €50 credit per person to spend at the hotel!