November 15th-November 21

Have you ever felt like there was something more within you?

You can feel it whispering to your soul that 'Something' is waiting to be discovered, unlocked and unleashed. 

This is such a powerful and profound feeling because your soul literally shaking & begging you to wake up, to rediscover  & connect to yourself. Your true self.  

We can only access this piece of our self when the soul itself, has been fractured. We have to create a crack, a fracture, that exposes our hearts to complete raw, unfiltered vulnerability. It's not easy, it's not meant to be.. but I promise you it will be one of the most beautiful transformations that you will ever experience &  you don't have to do alone. 

We will do this together, as community, through various yoga classes, guided visualization mediations, rituals, journaling & shadow work, shamanism, fitness classes, love & support along with and many other healing modalities that will help you unlock your inner light <3

How long is the retreat?

7 blissful days, 6 beautiful nights 

How much time do you have to commit to each day?

The more time you dedicate towards your self-growth, the greater the outcome with be at the end of this retreat. There will be classes & different opening modalities every day, you can choose to do all of them or install the practices that you feel called to explore! 

You will have access to the retreat and all the content for 14 days after the retreat ends 

Just incase you miss a class or a day, I want you to be able to still soak in everything in an organic invitation and not feel like you're forcing/rushing these practices. You have time, to take your time! 

*However, I would try and carve out time for the journaling and live community gatherings <3

How much is the investment? 

Typically my retreats are anywhere $2500-$4,000 for 7 days. I'm fully aware that's a very high amount for many commit to--and that's exactly why I created this online retreat. To make it affordable for anyone who wants to invest in themself & in their self growth.

I've limited the spots on this retreat to 100 beautiful souls so that I could create a deeper connection and community with each and every one of you unlike any online retreat I've held before. There will be more classes, more lives, more connection, more love & more growth this week than ever before. 

The investment on yourself, for your self,  is a total of  $60 USD.

(Breaking that down it's $8.50 a day, the cost of your average Starbucks drink and bagel). 

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