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Together and with gentle guidance, love, nurturing and holistic care we can change the way we view, experience and connect to our pregnancy, our baby,  birth & motherhood.
It begins here, mama. It begins with you.

  • Are you you feeling anxious, overwhelmed or uncertain about birth, pregnancy & beyond?

  • Are you with child and want to create a love, unbreakable bond during pregnancy but not sure where to begin?

  • Are you worried that toxic generational trauma may influence how you mother and love your baby and looking for ways to rewrite your family blueprint? 

  • Do you need time, space and holistic care to rest, replenish & reconnect to your truth and your pregnancy? 

  • Would you like to feel seen, heard & supported?

  • Would you like to feel empowered & confident as you transition into motherhood and prepare for postpartum?

  • Are you craving community, connection, honest & open conversations with other expecting mothers?

The Invitation 


This is NOT another anti natal program focused on the birth & baby. This journey is so much more. It's entirely about YOUR physical, mental & emotional wellbeing, about creating, and feeling so deeply connected with your baby and your pregnancy and feeling supported and proud of yourself for the mother that you're becoming. 

Journey with me for 7 days and beyond & build a life changing bond and unbreakable connection with your unborn baby and the mother that you're becoming. 

In these 7 days we learn to Let go of others ideals, opinions & expectations and build your families roots off of love, compassion, connection, understanding and nourishment. 

You will build the most beautiful, nourishing and unbreakable bond with you baby that will last both of your lifetimes and lead the way in love for generations to come. 

You will redefine motherhood, what it means to you and the mother that you are/ want to become on your terms & in your way right from the very beginning. 

To give yourself permission to rest, replenish & receive and learn all the holistic ways to gift yourself that.  

We will overcome limiting beliefs, anxious feelings & overwhelming thoughts that arise during pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and beyond.

Experience the magic in supporting your pregnancy (and being supported), birth & transition from maiden to mother with awareness, love, nourishment, self compassion & confidence (whether this is your first or tenth baby). 

You are not here to be another burnt out mama, you are here to be the example, to thrive in life. in love, in health, in wellness, in labor, in postpartum and  MOTHERHOOD.

It's time, Mama. 
To remember, to trust, to honor yourself and this journey that you're on!

Fragile Pampas

Created for & about you. 


  • The expecting Mama that want to feel connected to their pregnancy 

  • The Mama that wants to build beautiful bond with their unborn baby

  • The Mama that seeks movement, meditation, and conncetion

  • The Mama that knows there is a better way & is ready to explore what this means for you. 

  • The Mama that wants to contribute & co create positive & lasting change for generations to come. 

  • The Mama thats willing to reflect, contemplate, heal & dive into conversations that will set a new standard for the way of their families generations to come

  • The Mama that wants to learn how to take care of themselves in holistic, mindful and intentional ways. 

  • The Mama who craves community, connection & honest conversation. 

  • The Mama that is ready to receive support & understands that you are worthy & deserving of it all. 

  • The Mama that knows it takes a village to raise a child & is willing to seek help, love and support

  • The home birther, free birther, C Section Mama, holistic Mama & the go with the flow mama. 

  • The first time mama, the 'this time I'm going to do it better' mama. 

  • If this calls you then it was created for you.


It wasn’t until after I gave birth to my son and months into postpartum, that I realized how truly lucky and grateful I was that I had experienced so may trainings, teachings and workshops on holistic healing. 

Through Yoga, Pranayama, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Meditation, Essential Oils, Journaling, Ayurveda, Sacred Rituals, and Therapy I had gained so many life tools to help me combat the darker, harder, lonelier and more stressful days of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. I knew what breath to call upon when anxiety or stress hit, I knew what oils to use for those dreadful leg cramps and days/nights of nausea, I knew what meals to cook to support and nourish both mine and babies growing bodies, I knew what yoga poses to turn to when I needed energy or to help me fall asleep during nights of insomnia. I knew how change my perspective and accept unmet expectations with love and understanding that this is my path, our path, through meditation and pranayama. When co-parenting was the hardest, I remembered where we both came from and how we were raised and I met that with compassion. During lonely days of postpartum, I knew what sacred rituals to call and act upon to bring what energy and love I needed into my life. 

So why now? 

The more that you can understand yourself, your partner, your body, your baby, your emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional life— and how to nurture all that, how to be aware of it and find compassion and love for it all the more gentle the path of maiden to mother will be. You’ll feel taken care of, by You—and thats so beautiful and inspiring Mama. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 6.35_edited.jpg

Every morning I'll guide you through our day together, what to expect, materials to have and theme of the day (each day will have a intentional theme that will deepen your connection to motherhood and to your beautiful baby). 

Morning meditations are always guided and filled with so much love and light.

We then flow into our yoga practice -every class will be different and for all levels of pregnancy.

All journaling prompts are guided with different doors that can help you deepen your journaling if you choose to open them.

We then explore rituals that are incredibly healing and can be passed down from generations to generations.

I teach you different pranayama's  that you can call upon and use whenever needed in your daily life during birth , labor and after. 

Then we call upon our partners/birthing partners to join us and dive deeper into connection and understanding so that you can weave a nourishing future for your family and at the end of every day we will always practice gratitude. 

a small glimpse inside our days:


Is this a live training?

No, these are pre recorded videos & self paced journaling practices. There is the intention is to have a daily live loving, nourishing and supportive community where mamas never feel alone. 

Do I need to have practiced yoga before?

No, these classes are suitable for all ages & stages of pregnancy. Many women are introduced to yoga through a prenatal program. I will say though that as your pregnancy progresses, if you develop SI (Sacroiliac Joint) pain or SPD (Pubic Symphesis Dysfunction) seek medical advice or ideally work with an instructor privately that can see your physical limitations. 

Do I need anything to begin with? 

Yes. Though you can use some things you have at home I highly recommend getting the appropriate props to fully support your practice. These can be purchased from Amazon, Walmart, online warehouses or in some cases budget retail stores. In this course I use a good quality mat, yoga blocks and bolster (I highly highly recommend this) These props will then last year’s & chances are you will return to them again in for postpartum practices or potentially future pregnancies. They are most certainly worth the small investment from the beginning. 

How long is this course?

​This is a personal choice, the journey itself is designed from the first trimester onwards. Although, I recommend starting this journey 10+ because your body is changing so much in the early weeks, exhaustion & sickness is common & so I want you to rest rather than feel guilty for not diving right into the program. 

What if I'm already well into my pregnancy?

You can join at any time, you can make the course whatever you need it to be and do everything on your own time so there's no additional stress of rushing to complete it in just 7 days. 

It is appropriate if I want'/need a VBAC or C-SECTION? 

YES! Absolutely!! This is an all inclusive course, the material in this course is about empowering you, and creating a connection and bond with your pregnancy and beautiful baby. There is only so much we can control in the natural arena of birth. I'm a C-SECTION mama and its really made me realize whats most important to focus on - I try to focus more on the areas we can control in terms of self care, postpartum support etc rather than the birth itself because every women is different, every pregnancy & birth is different. There is NO right nor wrong here. It is a place of absolute support, none judgment or expectation. 

Do I have to be spiritual?

 No, there are no labels or dogma here. You are you, I advise that you to try your best to be open to this experience and take what resonates and simply leave the rest behind. There may be things that don’t align or that you don’t agree with, leave that & lean into the areas that really resonate.

Does this provide 1:1 support from you?

 No, though it is my intention to host online inner circles and be very active in the community page, in the comment sections of the course. For this program as I genuinely believe when women come together at this time, magic happens. If you feel called to work with me 1:1 please send me a email at and we will work together and see how I can best support you! 

How long do I have access to this course?

Forever, this is lifetime access for you to enjoy throughout this & potentially other pregnancies. You will also automatically gain access to all changes, improvements & additions to this course as over time it will naturally evolve. There will be no additional charges.

Are there any refunds?

However please ensure you understand this offering & it's intention. This is a prenatal yoga course that focuses on you, the mother. It is an invitation to relax, rest & reflect upon what this journey & transition into motherhood means for you. This is NOT an anti natal course. Nor is it to be used in place of professional medical advice. In knowing this & actively engaging in the content, you are not happy. You have 14 days post purchase to send a written refund request to

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