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Chances are, that you stumbled upon this page because your curiously was calling you.

You are starting to wonder about natural alternatives for your health & home!

 Maybe you're also starting to wonder how you can take better care/ preventative care  of/for your health? 


Maybe you just watched the documentary 'Stink' on Netflix and decided you need to make   MAJOR changes in your life & home...and quick!! -- I know I felt that way after I watched it!!

Either way, for whatever reason your here... I'm STOAKED  that you're here!!

Welcome in :)


I'd love for us to take a moment together, grab a fresh cup of coffee or tea of choice and let me guide you through the love, power and support that plant medicine can provide us in our daily lives & how it just may (read: ABSOLUTELY will) change your life.

Have questions? 

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How Do I Get Started? 

There are 2 ways to get started,

Option 1: email me at with the title "I'M READY" - this let's me know that you're ready to start your plant medicine  journey :) 

In the email please let me know what you would like to use the oils for --this helps me personalize each oil to what your health and wellness goals are ! 

Option 2: Choose an Enrollment Kit that right  for you -- easiest and most cost  affordable option to start your journey! I'll prove the kit options below :)

How Do The Oils Work? 

Because of how fast the chemical of the oil activates in & on our bodies (aromatically it only takes 10 sly takes 2 minutes for the chemical of that oil to be found in our blood stream. Internally it takes 30 seconds for the chemical in the oils to start working on our bodies.  


When an oil is used topically, it on  makes them a beautiful alternative for preventative care! BONUS: The fact that doTERRA oils are 100% natural means that they don't have any toxic chemicals in them. **Toxic chemicals are pretty much found everywhere - on your food, body and skin products, cleaning products, if you don't use doTERRA essential oils your probably consuming toxic chemicals on a daily basic and all can cause some serious harm and real havoc on out body and immune system leading to immune disorders, cancer and even death. **Please wantch the documentary "STINK" on Netflix  for more information on Toxic Load -- super important to be aware of this


Why doTERRA? Why Now?



If you use an essential oil “aromatically,” it means that you experience the properties or “aroma” of the oil through the air. Aromatic use typically includes breathing in or inhaling an essential oil, allowing the scent to interact with the mind and body


Using essential oils topically offers significant benefits for the skin while simultaneously providing aromatic benefits. Essential oils can provide soothing, calming, warming, cooling, or energizing feelings for the body. Topical usage allows the user to target specific areas of the body (apply the oil where it hurts).


Internal use of essential oils is very

specific to dōTERRA as the purity is

critical when ingesting essential oils. 

Using oils internally is a method that

is best used when you have specific

area of concern that can only be met

by ingesting the essential oil. For internal use we use veggie capsules

and start off with 1-2 drops of each oil needed.

Option 1  

Choose your Enrollment Kit 

(All enrollment kits come with a wholesale
membership and wave the $35 fee, easiest and cheapest option)

If you're looking to start small--but effectively, this is a great starters kit to begin with and not get overwhelmed! These oils are great for immune support, gut health, pain + inflammation, creating your non-toxic home cleaning products and so much more!   

This is the easiest way to get started with essential oils.  Included is the Brevi Diffuser and 5ml bottles of all the top oils that you can incorporate into your life  (amazing oils for sleep, stress management, cleaning, digestion, replacing your medicine cabinet, immune support, cooking and so much more)!

Option 2  

Become a member 

  • Go to

  • Shop- Pick your starter kit and add any additional products you may want

  • Review your order

  • Become a Member

  • Bundle your Products or Continue

  • Click Shopping Bag

  • Proceed to Checkout

  • Create your account

  • Make sure you have Alexzandra Peters as your Wellness Advocate (ID# 7438579)

  • Select your region/ language (for international enrollment kits, please click HERE)

  • Enter your payment info and process. 🙌

Option 3  

Connect With Me 

I'm always here to help you! Have questions about what kit is best for you? or question in general? Lets connect!
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