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Pregnancy changes you, physically and emotionally. You might expect sore breasts, a burgeoning baby bump, moodiness, and fatigue—but pregnancy can also change the way you think! Some pregnant people develop forgetfulness or brain fog, characterized by memory problems, poor concentration, and absent-mindedness (I'm definality one of those moms). 


Why do we have it? Welp, our bodies just went trough a massive (and beautiful) change as well as

  • Hormonal changes: Your hormone levels change during pregnancy. And some doctors believe spikes in certain hormones, such as progesterone, could affect your ability to think clearly.




  • Sleep deprivation: Sleep is essential for postpartum mommmas, but ain't no way were getting it between the cluster feeds, teething, devlopmental leaps and all the night time diaper changes.  Sleep deprivation is real for not only the mammas but also the dads, it can also result in forgetfulness and/or memory loss.. which also triggers the next culprit.. 
  • Anxiety and stress: Like sleep, stress can impact you (and your body) in a host of ways, i.e. it can cause muscle tension, pain, and high blood pressure. But did you know stress can affect your mind? Several studies have linked anxiety and stress to memory loss.


I'm excitd to share with you the bland thats helped me on a daily basis to stay focused and energized. Blended with different uplifting aromas (basil, grapefruit, peppermint and rosemary) that specifically help enerzige, destress and help us focus when applied to the temples, back of neck and inhaled. 


Sent: Think cirtus, earth & herbs

Mom Brain

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