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The journey into motherhood is astonishing, magical and sometimes overwhelming (physically, mentally and emotionally). While each mothers journey to becoming is unique and beautiful, there are many similarities of symptoms expectant mothers experience as our bodies transition during pregnancy.  Similar experiences not just within the body but also the mind as the baby grows  and as your body adapts to the growth of your little love.


You'll experience a rollercoaster of emotions, beauty and discomfort within the body, emotion and hormonal changes, just to name a few.


This E book is here to guide you and your spirit baby into complete wellness and wholeness using plant medicine and holistic remedies to support your journey together as you shift and navigate your way through hormonal changes, trimesters, birth and motherhood. It’s designed to bring you comfort, ease,  self-care\self-love, a way to support yourself and an option for a place of sanctuary where you can re-connect to yourself, your body and your beautiful baby through holictic healing


Holistic Wellness Guide for Pregnancy

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