Four Yoga Mats That Will Take Your Practice to The Next Level

April 2, 2018


Looking buy your first yoga mat? Or maybe its your 10th? Weather you are a beginner yogi, or have been practicing for a couple years now, I believe you’re reading this post because you’re ready to bite the expensive bullet. You are ready for the next level yoga mat!


I spent the first few years of my practice practicing on cheap Walmart, TJ Max and Target brand yoga mats – you know the ones that rip and shred like graded cheese after a few months?!  I realized that after 3 years of practicing weekly, I went through 8 cheap yoga mats that in total cost me right around $300. Once I realized that, I knew I need to suck it up and purchase 1 mat that would last me a solid 3 years and change my practice entirely.

To our defense, we’re never told as a new student that what matters more, is what we practice on - rather than when we practice in. The type of clothing we wear while practicing has little-to no effect on our actual yoga practice, but mats do.

Below are my top 4 mats to practice on:






     1. My Mantra Style – Luxe Pro Yoga Mat

I’ve tested out over 20 different brands of yoga mats; the Luxe Pro by Mantra Style is hands down my favorite to practice on for a handful of reasons. Reasons being, the mat is wider and longer then most mats on the market, I personally love a little extra space to play around on. It also has extra cushion helps protect the joins (it’s not over cushioned to where you feel a bit wobbly, like on other mats), the grip is everything – non-slip and perfect for any type practice – especially the sweaty ones. And last but not least, this mat is also dual sided and both provide non-slip. The luck pro comes in the select colors: gray, black and green. The total cost for this mat is a fair price of $99. I haven’t seen anything else compare.

You can check their mats out here:



    2. Liforme – Original Mat

Like the Mantra mat, this one is fabulous for those sweaty, intense, but also low key practices. The grip on this mat is a game changer. It not as wide or as long as the Mantra mat, but for some that doesn’t mater! Another reason why I love this brand is because it has a guide for body alignment printed on the mat. So, if you’re ever unsure of your stance, foot & hand placement during your flow you just take a look at where you place it on the mat. Also, be sure to check all of their products because on some mats a certain percent is donated to the environmental conservation. The cost for this mat is $115-$140

See their mats here:



    3. Alo Yoga – Warrior Mat

The Alo Yoga Warrior Mat is another one of my go-to’s. Like the previous mats, this one is also a non-slip mat. The bottom of the mat is made out of 100% natural rubber and the top is 100% polyurethane leather, so you can practice on both sides. I really love the Alo mat because it’s much lighten then the Liforme or Mantra mat. This is the once I usually with me wherever I’m traveling or teaching. So, if you are someone who travels a lot but likes the luxury of a solid mat with mild cushion, & sweats while practicing, I would recommend this mat for you.  Cost $100

You can see it on their website here:




    4. B Yoga – B MAT Strong

This mat is for you if you’re a traveler, yin practitioner or Vinyasa lover, not a huge sweater and don’t care too much about cushion. Don’t get me wrong, it has cushion just not as think as the others. This mat is great because super light as well as an amazing grip. I don’t recommend this mat for heated yoga,  I personally slipped a little while in a hot yoga class. But if hot yoga isn’t your thing, then this mat is! Cost $95.

Check it out here:




I’m so excited that you are ready to take your practice to the next level and I know from personal experience that any one of the mats listed above, is a great choice and won’t leave you or your practice disappointed. You’ll feel inspired, enlightened & confident each time you set on your mat!


 Happy Practicing 😊

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