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Nourished Mama: Expecting Home Retreat  

An online prenatal yoga and wellness retreat to nurture, connect, empower your bond to pregnancy and inspire, support and strengthen your emotional, physical and spiritual bond to your baby throughout pregnancy, labor and birth using holistic resources, tools and unconditional love. 

Nourished Mama Holistic Wellness Guides/Ebooks

I birthed these guides expecting mamas looking for natural and holistic alternatives to support, love, and nourish their bodies and unborn baby through all trimesters, transitions and the symptoms of pregnancy. If you tap each guide it will go a little more in-depth to its offerings. Ebooks will best support mama if they are purchased together :) 

Herbal Blends

All oil blends are hand created crystal infused essential oil blends crafted with love, intention & purpose using 100% natural and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil.
Before shipment, all orders are blessed in a ceremony to bring light and love into their new beholders. 
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