Virtual Yoga Retreat 

The Homecoming:

A 7 day at home virtual Yoga retreat, intended to guide you back home to your highest self. 

While most of us are confined to our homes, this is a time to take advantage of just that, the time that we’ve been granted to spend with our self. 


How often do you get the chance to indulge in self-care (I mean truly taking care of yourself)? How often do you focus on self-love? Your mental Health? Or your yoga practice? 


.. I’m assuming, not much with the way most of our schedules have been. 

I'll be guiding this retreat in the same format that I do as when I travel around the world to host retreats. My heart is in this to provide and deliver to you the most amazing experience possible for you to be left feeling filled & fueled with love & compassion.

It’s going to be a powerhouse of love and vulnerability over these 7 days to bring wellness back to your body, mind and soul through yoga, meditation, journaling, community support, fitness classes, and daily rituals to shift your perspective on life and love. 


We will learn how to take our practice on the mat, off of it on the following subjects: 

  • Day 1: Enjoying The Journey 

  • Day 2: Back To The Beginning 

  • Day 3: Permission Slip 

  • Day 4: The Process 

  • Day 5: Comfort and Confidence 

  • Day 6: The Path Of Gratitude

  • Day 7: Amplify Love 

We will achieve this through daily:

  • Journaling prompts 

  • Daily rituals that are personally a part of my own growth that have helped me get to where I am today mentally, spiritually and physically 

  • Live yoga classes & workshops for beginner (this includes those who have never done yoga before) and intermediate practitioners, and of course advance yogis are more than welcome! 

  • Essential Oils for Beginners 

  • Live discussions on requested topics

  • Live meditations

  • Live Q&A about anything

  • Full support from me 

  • A community that welcomes you with love, support, and understanding in a safe place




The total cost of this challenge $49. Breaking it down that's committing to $7 a day for 7 (less than your average coffee at Starbucks) days on your personal growth & self-love.


IMPORTANT: After you make your payment and register please be sure to email me at with your:

  • First and last name 

  • Telephone number 

  • I’ll need your telephone number to be able to bring you into our private chat group where the challenge primarily takes place! 





After this retreat is over, you will have access to all classes and discussions forever. Everything will be saved in a google drive for you so you can access them at any point. 





  • All content (classes and journal prompts) will be uploaded the day prior making it easier for you to access and take the classes whenever its most convent for you!

  • This retreat is for all ages, non-yogis, beginner yogis and intermediate students

  • All classes and discussions will be saved to a google drive for you to access.

  • All lives (classes, discussions) will take place on a free app called ‘ZOOM’, you’ll need to download this. 

  • All information, discussions, questions, community support will take place on a free app called ‘WhatsApp: you’ll also have to download this. 

  • If I've never done yoga before is this a good retreat to do? -  1000% YES!! We are going back to the basic of yoga during this retreat! Learning the power of breath, alignment breakdown and so much more! 



*Please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions!